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LeBron's first Triple Double


Be cool-everyone dealing w something u don't know
Staff member
  • LBJ had his first tonight.. against the Trailblazers...
    27 pts, 11 boards, 10 assists

    I believe this makes him the youngest player ever to get a Triple Double...
    Probably just showing the Nike folks next door they made a good choice...
    crazybuckfan40 said:
    Yep 20 yrs. and 20 days. This kid is just amazing. Just wait 3 more years when he is a vetran at the age of 23.
    Im not a Cavs fan, but I was happy they got him. He seems like a truly amazing kid all the way around. Great head on his shoulders and a phenom basketball player. He WILL bring championships to cleveland. My whole fathers side of the family is from Ohio as is he, but I was born in florida but I still pull for the ohio schools and ohio teams.

    Although, OSU will always be #1 in my book.
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    He is pretty damn impressive. The thing is it isn't like he hasn't been close in the past. I believe he has been within an assist or rebound or two of getting multiple triple-doubles in the past.

    Yeah, think how good he will be when he grows up. The best part is his quote of how he is all about the team. That is what will hopefully bring some NBA championships to the Cavs.
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    buckzip said:
    I just hope they are all with the cavaliers.

    Bite your tongue for even mentioning that !! :biggrin:

    He also had 4 steals last night. He leads the NBA in steals. He does something amazing every night. His improvement from last year to this is unbelievable.

    Even on questionable calls he controls himself never showing up the ref on a clealy bad call. He's tits!!!
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    Brutus1 said:
    He also had 4 steals last night. He leads the NBA in steals. He does something amazing every night.
    LeBron's actually second in the NBA in steals:

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=4 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR align=right bgColor=#c1c1c1><TD align=left width=20>RNK</TD><TD align=left>NAME</TD><TD>GP</TD><TD>MPG</TD><TD align=middle>STL</TD><TD align=middle>STPG</TD><TD align=middle>STP48M</TD><TD align=middle>TO</TD><TD align=middle>TOPG</TD><TD align=middle>PF</TD><TD align=middle>ST/TO</TD><TD align=middle>ST/PF</TD><TR align=right bgColor=#efefe7><TD align=left>1</TD><TD align=left>Larry Hughes, WAS</TD><TD>34</TD><TD>37.4</TD><TD align=middle>96</TD><TD align=middle bgColor=#c1c1c1>2.82</TD><TD align=middle>3.62</TD><TD align=middle>79</TD><TD align=middle>2.32</TD><TD align=middle>92</TD><TD align=middle>1.22</TD><TD align=middle>1.04</TD></TR><TR align=right><TD align=left>2</TD><TD align=left>LeBron James, CLE</TD><TD>37</TD><TD>41.1</TD><TD align=middle>91</TD><TD align=middle bgColor=#c1c1c1>2.46</TD><TD align=middle>2.87</TD><TD align=middle>123</TD><TD align=middle>3.32</TD><TD align=middle>74</TD><TD align=middle>0.74</TD><TD align=middle>1.23</TD></TR><TR align=right bgColor=#efefe7><TD align=left>3</TD><TD align=left>J. Tinsley, IND</TD><TD>32</TD><TD>34.9</TD><TD align=middle>73</TD><TD align=middle bgColor=#c1c1c1>2.28</TD><TD align=middle>3.14</TD><TD align=middle>109</TD><TD align=middle>3.41</TD><TD align=middle>90</TD><TD align=middle>0.67</TD><TD align=middle>0.81</TD></TR><TR align=right><TD align=left>4</TD><TD align=left>Allen Iverson, PHI</TD><TD>36</TD><TD>41.9</TD><TD align=middle>78</TD><TD align=middle bgColor=#c1c1c1>2.17</TD><TD align=middle>2.48</TD><TD align=middle>142</TD><TD align=middle>3.94</TD><TD align=middle>61</TD><TD align=middle>0.55</TD><TD align=middle>1.28</TD></TR><TR align=right bgColor=#efefe7><TD align=left>5</TD><TD align=left>Shawn Marion, PHO</TD><TD>40</TD><TD>38.9</TD><TD align=middle>83</TD><TD align=middle bgColor=#c1c1c1>2.08</TD><TD align=middle>2.56</TD><TD align=middle>52</TD><TD align=middle>1.30</TD><TD align=middle>101</TD><TD align=middle>1.60</TD><TD align=middle>0.82</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
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