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LB Dallas Gant (transfer to Toledo)

MD Buckeye

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St. John's Jesuit (Toledo, OH)
Ht: 6'3"
Wt: 192 lbs
Class: 2018 (High School)

247 $ - Gant's recruitment about to take off

Plans on camping at Ohio State, Sparty, Notre Dame & attending the Nike Opening Regional camp in Chicago over the summer. Visited Ohio State in January and has been keeping contact with the staff.

247's #1 OLB, #4 Player in Ohio & #42 nationally for the 2018 class.
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Uncle Tony Gant played for Michigan 1982-86 (was a teammate of Harbaugh). Cousin Allen Gant also played for Michigan until Harbuagh ran him out of town at the end of last season, so maybe the Michigan connections aren't as strong as they could be.

Anyway, Michigan State seems to be the team to beat for now.
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Sparty has offered half the state of Ohio today.
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Nation's No. 1 2018 OLB Dallas Gant Excited About Ohio State Offer


Some Fridays are better than others, and this past Friday was a pretty good one for 2018 Toledo St. John's linebacker Dallas Gant, who earned an Ohio State offer following a very solid performance at OSU's final one-day camp of June.

Following the camp, Gant spoke with reporters and broke the news of the offer.

"They actually offered today," he said. "It’s a big impact. I’ll be up here a lot more and see the place and see if it’s a good fit for me and go from there.

Gant (6-3 201) also holds offers from Michigan State, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Boston College, Toledo, Bowling Green and Iowa State. He is rated as the No. 1 outside linebacker in the 2018 class per 247Sports and the No. 43 player overall.

As to Gant's initial thoughts on being offered?

"Happy, obviously," he said. "Excited that I could actually attend The Ohio State. It feels great. It makes me know that my hard work is paying off. It’s good to work out with Coach (Luke) Fickell, so if I went here I’d know how he’s going to be coaching me."

Gant spent most of the day working with Fickell, which was definitely a plus for the Toledoan.

"I love talking to him," Gant said. "I talk to him on the phone a little bit when I call him. When I come up here he’s a great guy. I love working out with him.

"He taught me a lot of drills that I can do at home, and then he changed my stance a little bit that will help me with my lateral movement."

Entire article: http://theozone.net/Ohio-State/Foot...LB-Dallas-Gant-Excited-About-Ohio-State-Offer
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