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Lawr. Journal link to a few Mr. Hairston comments



Look for the bold heading "Good Visit" at the bottom of the story page.

The battle for Malik Hairston apparently has just heated up. Mr. Hairston's comments are quite complimentary of Kansas and the visit he and Malik made to Lawrence and the campus and the Jayhawk tradition and so on and so forth.

But the key factors are still in place as there was no commitment made and only Malik and his dad and a few others probably have the true scoop.
We have known how good this kid is but he is now sounding like something very special. I wanted him before but now I think we need him. If Malik, Butler and Terwillerger come in together, it would top the class of BFC, Sylk and Dials. I think Butler will top BFC in success at OSU as well as Malik would top Sylk. I don't know if Terwillerger can top Dials but nevertheless, it will be a class to remember. Ofcourse I'm speculating about what these guy's will do but everyone is high on these fellas so thats probably a sign they are gifted individuals. Come on home Malik !
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