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KY DT Jacob Lacey (Notre Dame Signee)


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Bowling Green (KY) South Warren

Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 290 lbs

Ohio State looking to land top 2017 linebacker - Land-Grant Holy Land

Class of 2019 defensive tackle Jacob Lacey (Bowling Green, KY / South Warren) confirmed on Tuesday that he will be attending Friday Night Lights. Lacey, who is a massive 6-foot-2, 290-pound force of nature is going into his sophomore year.

At the moment, he holds six total offers, but not one from Ohio State. If Ohio State does send out that offer to Lacey sometime after (or before) Friday Night Lights, the Buckeyes would be up against the likes of Kentucky, Louisville, Cincinnati and Fiesta Bowl challenger, Notre Dame.

Lacey has not yet been evaluated from the recruiting sites, but is expected to be one of the highest rated players at his position in his class. Lacey's recruitment is just getting started, but Notre Dame and Tennessee could hold the upper hand right now. Still, that's almost irrelevant since he has a few years until his signing day rolls around.

Tom Loy already has him CBed to ND. Visiting OSU this Saturday.