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Buckeye Beach Bum
Clapton guitar auction raises some $7.5M
NEW YORK (AP) — Eric Clapton raised about $7.5 million for charity by auctioning off some of his guitars, including three that netted record prices.

Clapton's auction was held to benefit his Crossroads Center drug treatment facility in Antigua.
Alastair Grant, AP

The "Blackie" Stratocaster that Clapton played from 1970 to 1985 went for nearly $1 million, which set a record. (Video: Eric Clapton's auction)

A 1964 cherry-red Gibson was sold for $847,000, a record for a Gibson guitar.

The 1939 Martin acoustic that Clapton played on his Unplugged album went for just under $800,000, a record for a Martin guitar.

Proceeds will go to a drug addiction center Clapton set up in the Caribbean.