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Krenzil signs contract with Bears


'18 Bowl Mania Champ
Glad to see it straightened out tonight, he had me nervious. Only missed the intro day into camp so he should be fine.

The Bears agreed to terms on a four-year contract with fifth-round draft pick Craig Krenzel (148th overall) late Tuesday.

I'll be meeting the man this Saturday hopefully, as he is my favorite football player ever :)
CK was listed as an "intriguing player" by the Trib this week, so I think the team has plans to hang on to him.

Wrestler, where are you meeting CK, and where do you live? I am in Lindenhurst...
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I guess the Bears were as dumb as Tressel. :wink2:

Meanwhile, poor Scott McMullen is still looking for a job.

No offense to Scotty - I'd like to see all Bucks do well - but I have to laugh at the know-it-alls who "knew" he was better than CK, despite the fact that Tressel, and the entire NFL, disagree with that assessment.
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Had Scotty been starting, I would argue he probably would have ended up drafted about the same place CK was, but I see your point...JT decided to go with CK, and we had a boatload of wins to show for it. I think he'll stick in Chicago over Dinwiddie.
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Bucklion said:
Wrestler, where are you meeting CK, and where do you live? I am in Lindenhurst...
Well its still 'hopeful' on meeting him, training camp at bourb. (can't spell it but right by kankakee.) He doesn't seem to be well received by most (as you've probably noticeed Grossman is being considered the 2nd coming of jesus christ currently in Chicago), plus taking the girlfriends little brother to increase chances, I want to get a photo with and have him autograph the National Championship DVD or Bears Jersey.
I'm from Naperville, Illinois, western Chicago suburbs. Do you plan on viewing training camp at all? I'm not even too sure where Lindenhurst is but i'm assuming right by NorthWestern.
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I'm up by Gurnee, so yeah, I'm actually way up here north of Evanston, about 30 miles from O'Hare. I don't know if I'll get to camp this year, but my wife works near one of their complexes down by Lake Forest, so I may be able to catch a few of them there sometime, especially in the offseason. Grossman is definitely the man for now at QB, but as I said, I think the team is committed to CK, and you never know...he can concentrate on moving past Quinn (which won't be that much of a challenge based on his PT the last 3 years) and go from there.

I've got a few I'd like CK to sign myself...he's the missing link in a lot of my autographed championship stuff :biggrin:
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Not that anyone cares, but back from the training camp to meet the legend himself. Well he sprinted out to the feild signing 2 signatures only so I figure i'll get it after the game. He had a TERRIBLE showing so I assume he was in a bad mood, no such luck again. Looked right at me and kept walking when I was the only one wanting his autograph still around (he was the last one to leave the feild). He walks right by me looking even though i'm wearing a Bucks hat and a Krenzel jersey (who the hell else has one of those, I had to custom make it) and doesn't stop. So no national championship dvd signature. Shunned what has to be clsoe to his biggest fan. But oh well still hope to see (glad to see) there is talks of him passing Quinn on depth chart so he is one grossman injury away from being an NFL starter.
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