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The only thing more beautiful than the 2-0 record against Dorsey is that Navarre will never have another chance to play against Krenzel. No NFL coach is gonna start Navarre, even if that team were the Detroit Lions (my second favorite team) from 5 years ago.
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I never thought Krenzel would get an NFL win honestly. He played average for an NFL QB today though, and great for him, but he got the W and that's all the Bears wanted. He's never going to be a winning teams everyday QB in the NFL, except maybe if he could play for a team with a defense like the Super Bowl winning Ravens a few years back...but he's at least getting a shot...and that's all you can ask for. I hope somehow he breaks through and proves me wrong...he's smart and has a hell of an arm as he showed in his first pass...so there's still hope. A rookie QB is supposed to play like a Tressel QB is supposed to play...so I think early sucess for Krenzel isn't surprising. He's used to being thrown in there and hearing..."don't lose this one for us." He just never has been the guy to go into a game and be told, "win this one for us." That's more of the Roethlisberger attitude. He won 13 in a row for Miami...and he was the guy that won those games...and now he is actually winning games for Pittsburgh...not just "not losing them." Roethlisberger is amazing...I knew the Browns should have picked him...now he plays for the enemy.
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The last time I heard that song I could not stop laughing because all I could do was picture him hitting that cowbell :lol: the only other time I laughed as hard at an SNL skit was when Farley was trying to become the chipendales dancer.

Don't Fear the Reaper!
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