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Krenzel out indefinitely


Head Coach
"QB Craig Krenzel's ankle injury will keep him out indefinitely", general manager Jerry Angelo said Monday.

This from Insiders.

This sucks for Craig as he was really starting to take the Bears somewhere. We all know he would of cut down on his to's.


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BP Recruiting Team
I didn't even know George still played...I hope for the Bears sake that Hutchinson stays healthy. He had moments of mediocrity in Dallas, although he was usually terrible. But he has to be better than George, who hasn't suited up since 2002.
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Calmer than you are.
To be completely honest. I think that this is the best thing for Craig(not the pain part). He is a smart guy, with a weak arm, and is also lacking in accuracy. He was excited about getting the chance to work on those things, without being thrown to the wolves right away. He started to early, and wasn't given an offseason or two to work that shit out. Now, this gives him a chance to return to the bench. Continue to learn the NFL, and work on the things that he needs to work on the most.
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