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Kill a man, no big deal; kill a tree, go to jail.


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SMIRKING killer driver William Tait faces just a fine for mowing down a pensioner — but could be jailed for crashing into a TREE.

Tait, 34, callously left Harry Thompson, 74, dying in the street after knocking him down on a pedestrian crossing.

He sped away but lost control of his car and slammed into a tree.

Prosecutors decided that at the time Tait hit Harry he was only driving carelessly — and there is no offence of causing death by careless driving.

The toughest penalty he can get for killing Harry is a £2,500 fine for driving without due care and attention.

But when he hit the tree it was deemed to be DANGEROUS driving — with a possible two-year jail term.

Last night Harry’s family demanded a change in the law and backed The Sun’s campaign to get killer drivers charged with manslaughter.

His nephew Kevin Oldfield, 42, said: “These charges seem to show it is all right to hit somebody and leave them for dead. Where is the justice?”

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</TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle>Victim ... Harry Thompson

The Crown Prosecution Service said: “We have offered to meet Mr Oldfield after the case to explain why the charge was driving without due care and attention and not causing death by dangerous driving.”

Harry’s partner Ada Murray, 75, said: “He was a lovely man and what has happened is a disgrace.”

The retired decorator was knocked down last November walking home from a club.

The yob’s BMW smashed into him in Denton Burn, Newcastle. Harry suffered head, chest and leg injuries.

Tait, of Newcastle, was also driving with no insurance and no licence.

He admitted the offences at Newcastle Crown Court and will be sentenced later this month. Thousands are backing The Sun’s Nail The Danger Drivers campaign, which delivered a 50,000-name petition to Home Secretary David Blunkett demanding a change in the law.