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LGHL Keyshawn Johnson believes Michael Thomas is a better Marques Colston

Harry Lyles Jr.

Keyshawn Johnson believes Michael Thomas is a better Marques Colston
Harry Lyles Jr.
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The former NFL wide receiver has confidence in his nephew's ability to become the man in New Orleans.

"Sean [Payton] asked me what I think. I said [Michael Thomas] is a bigger, faster Colston, to me."

- Keyshawn Johnson, via Mike Triplett, ESPN

Michael Thomas' uncle, former NFL wideout Keyshawn Johnson had some pretty high praise for his nephew in talking to ESPN's Mike Triplett. Johnson compared Thomas to former Saints wide receiver Marques Colston, saying that, "If you're striving to be someone in the National Football League, Marques Colston is [somebody you want to be]," according to Triplett. Johnson would call him "Marques Colston 2.0". That doesn't seem like a terrible comparison, considering how many great years Colston gave the Saints, much thanks to the future Hall of Fame arm possessed by Drew Brees.

Although Johnson says that Thomas is bigger, Triplett points out that isn't exactly the case, when it comes to height or weight. But there's going to be some bias and embellishment when it comes to an uncle praising his nephew. But there's no doubting that Thomas is a great wide receiver with tons of upside and a high ceiling. His time at Ohio State is proof that with the right coaching, the possibilities are endless with him. Much like he did with other (now former) stars at Ohio State, Urban Meyer was able to get everything he could out of Thomas, who is going to yet another great coach in Sean Payton. With great mentors around him, watching him develop into an NFL wideout should be fun with Drew Brees throwing him the pigskin.

"With regular starting cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie absent from the voluntary workout, [Eli] Apple lined up on the outside covering Giants star wideout Odell Beckham Jr."

- Dan Graziano, ESPN

Eli Apple is perhaps getting some of the best NFL prep that he could possibly get right within his own organization. With Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie not at the New York Giants' voluntary workout, he was able to practice, covering one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, teammate Odell Beckham Jr. That's certainly not the worst way to start practicing against NFL talent, going up against the guy with arguably the best hands in the league. Graziano notes that Apple also went up against Dwayne Harris and Myles White, and did pretty well.

Per Graziano, Apple said of Bechkam, "It was fun going against him. They didn't throw the ball his way when I was going against him, but you can tell, with his explosiveness and how he gets out of breaks. It's impressive." Graziano says that Apple has gotten in a great variety of work in, but the extra work will help Apple in being a more versatile player, and eventually taking a starting corner role, when his time comes. With his already impressive skill set and quality work ethic against quality guys, hopefully it won't take too long for the former Buckeye.

"SB Nation issued a survey to dozens of recruits ranked in the top 300 nationally on the 247Sports Composite, and those were some of the conclusions they reached."

- Alex Kirshner, SB Nation

The great folks at SB Nation surveyed 31 players from across the country to get a feel on some of their favorite things, including conferences, facilities, coaches, and a variety of other topics. When it came to the best head coach in college football, Urban Meyer was polled as the third best coach in college football, tied with Jim Harbaugh. Nick Saban was an easy first place, followed by Dabo Swinney at No. 2. In the evaluation of coaching staffs, Ohio State was second only to Clemson.

For their preferred apparel brands, 69% of the recruits said Nike was their choice. That certainly bodes well for Ohio State, who is one of the more profound institutions sponsored by Nike. The recruits first choice for uniforms was obviously Oregon, who is also outfitted by Nike, but the Buckeyes finished in a tie for third for favorite uniforms. That scarlet and gray is certainly a thing of beauty, especially with the buckeye helmet stickers. And finally, the recruits' second favorite preferred conference was the Big Ten, with the SEC in first place. The poll results help show why Urban Meyer is able to continue to bring in great class after class recruiting.

"The Ohio State women's basketball team will host the Miami Hurricanes in the 2016 ACC/Big Ten Challenge this season."

- OhioStateBuckeyes.com

Just as the men learned yesterday, today the Ohio State women's basketball team learned who they would be facing off against in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. While the men will be facing Virginia, the women will take on the University of Miami on December 1 in Value City Arena, with the time having yet to be determined. The two teams have not faced each other since the 1986 season.

The two teams have played twice before, with the Buckeyes winning both contests in 1982 and 1986. The Hurricanes finished 24-9 last season, and lost in the first round of the NCAA Tournament to South Dakota State. The 'Canes will be returning six of their seven top scorers from last season, so this should be a good challenge for the Buckeyes, who finished 26-8 last season. Hopefully this time around, the Buckeyes can win their ACC/Big Ten Challenge game, after dropping last season's to Notre Dame by a score of 75-72.


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