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Kentucky Derby tickets???


Optimism Lover
I know it isn't until May 7th, but does anyone here have any inside info on Kentucky Derby tickets or have a connection to get some decently priced tickets?

The cheapest I found online were $375 a piece. See, it's my girlfriend's dream to go there together and I'm working on a private school teacher salary here so we all know my income is comparable to peanuts at best.

It would be amazing if anyone could help out a fellow Buck here. I'm dying to take her, I was just wondering if anyone had any hookups or knows anyone who gets reasonable ticket prices somewhere? ANY help would be VERY much appreciated. This event could really make my month. Thanks ahead of time for any response!
get on a louisville basketball site. register with a fan name and post for a while... ask about tickest saying you'd like to get back to the races however your "contact" is gone... I'm sure they know way's and folks that would sell you tickets for half that.

Ask around in cinci as well.... there are a lot of folks with tickets/access to tickets down there. (my sisters ex-boyfriend had a bunch from his work each year... that connection is now gone :( )
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Thanks GBEAR. I might just do that...considering I have no other "ins" right now and I despeartely want to go. Have you tried this new technique of yours? If so, has it worked for you? I can't see any better ideas at this point. Thanks for the help so far! I'll let you know how it all pans out. Thanks again!
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never tried it... just the first thing that popped into my head.

If it were me, I'd contact everybody I know if Cinci and Lexington (I don't know anybody in Louisville) and see what I could dig up (many friends in Cinci and family and friends in Lex.)...
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