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Keady leaving Purdue??


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Tough decision
Purdue's Keady thinking of coming to University of San Francisco

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) -- Gene Keady, longtime coach at Purdue University, is facing the toughest decision of his career.

Keady, a Hall of Fame finalist this year and the longest tenured Big Ten coach at Purdue, can return to Purdue for a 25th season and a possible farewell tour or start over at the University of San Francisco.

A day after telling reporters he had yet to make a decision about his future, Keady was equally noncommittal Friday when approached by reporters shortly after talking to his players at the university's Mackey Arena.

"Nothing's changed, there's nothing going on," Keady said. "You've gotta do what you've gotta do. I'm happy, my wife's happy, we love Purdue."

He said there was no time frame to make his decision.

Even if decides to stay, Keady also faces an uncertain future in West Lafayette.

His contract ends after next season, and while he's expressed interest in an extension, athletic director Morgan Burke has given no indication the 67-year-old Keady would get it.

After confirming that Keady had interviewed this week with San Francisco, Burke's written statement appeared to signal no change was imminent.

"We will not stand in his way if he wants to pursue this opportunity," Burke said.

"That said, Gene knows we are committed to him through the final year of his contract," he added.

Purdue sports information director Elliot Bloom said Friday morning that no announcement on Keady's status was immediately scheduled. Purdue athletics officials had said Thursday night a news conference might be held Friday.

San Francisco athletic director Bill Hogan confirmed that he has interviewed two other candidates -- Connecticut assistant Clyde Vaughan and Arizona assistant Rodney Tention -- to replace Phillip Mathews, who was fired earlier this month.

Three Purdue trustees the AP contacted -- John D. Hardin Jr., Barbara H. Edmondson and Wayne Townsend -- said they were unaware of Keady's interest in San Francisco.

"Coach Keady has had a tremendous run at Purdue," Townsend said. "We're pleased he's been here and we wish him well -- whatever those decisions are at this point."

Bloom said Thursday's team meeting was scheduled to select the team's Most Valuable Player.

The players left without commenting on what had been discussed, and Keady stayed afterward to meet with Burke.

"Always before, I've acted on Purdue's behalf and on the players' behalf," Keady told the Journal and Courier in Lafayette, Ind., before the meetings. "Now -- whatever I do -- I'm going to act on Gene Keady's behalf and on my wife Pat's behalf."

Keady holds the Purdue record for wins after going 505-249 in 24 years. He has won six Big Ten titles and took the Boilermakers to the NCAA tournament 17 times. In 1994 and 2000, Purdue reached the regional semifinals, but Keady has never taken a team to the Final Four.

Some have speculated that his age and old-school style have contributed to Purdue's recent struggles and an inability to recruit the best talent.

The Boilermakers missed the NCAA tournament three of the last four years and finished 17-14 this season after being ranked in the top 25 early in the year. Purdue ended its season last week with a 71-59 loss to Notre Dame in the first round of the NIT.

But before the season ended, Keady already was feeling the heat, and he ripped a Purdue fan after overhearing him call for his retirement.

"I'll stay for 10 more years with idiots like that in the crowd," Keady said earlier this month.

The decision is now in Keady's court.
Reading between the lines here, Gene's hand seems to be being forced as in out....

I think a coach who has given so much, has been long term outstanding, has had no violations that I recall, etc., etc., ad nauseum should be allowed to leave on their own terms.

This is the other side of the machine that we call college sports. The University Presidents call for clean, high performing, high graduation programs, but when the NC alludes them it is bye bye to the coach who gave them everything but the NC....
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Boredom, apparently, and Steve Lavin getting the SJU job. Lavin began his coaching career as a Keady assistant at PU.
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Did you read the shocker?

A few months earlier, Kathleen Keady had sat down her husband and sheared off his combover. Guess what she found underneath?
"Squamous cell carcinoma," Kathleen says, naming the fairly common (700,000 new cases in the United States annually), occasionally fatal (almost 9,000 deaths) form of skin cancer. "It's possible he wouldn't be here today if he'd kept that hair."

They found skin cancer on his head.
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