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Just watched OSU vs. Penn State 2001 on ESPN Classic


Jesus loves you, the rest of us think ur an idiot.
Former FF Keeper Champ
A few random thoughts: (I hope this isn't considered a BuckNutsesque post)

1.) We were winning 27 - 9 in the third quarter! - DAMNIT!!! - it stil hurts.

2.) It felt very odd seeing Chris Gamble returning punts wearing #83.

3.) #12, Mike Jenkins was still a stud, even as a sophomore, even with Steve Bellesari throwing to him...but he was listed as a Safety that year!?! Didn't he end up being a pretty good WR?

4.) Steve Bellesari...I remeber seeing him on the kickoff team as a Freshman and thinking "Wow, that kid has spunk! And he's a QB!"...oh well, so much for that. With each int. I found myself yelling (in my head) "Put in Krenzel!"

5.) It was good seeing #16 in a Bucks uniform again.

6.) Tim Anderson is, was, and always will be a beast!

Finally.) Zack Mills! You little Freshman freak! I hate you!

Just thought I'd share.
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is that the game where we came out and scored on the opening drive?

I was at that game with my bro in the middle of penn state country (in the beaver). we both looked at each other and yelled out, "somebody go get penn state...they forgot to come out for the second half."

yeah....we looked like fucking idiots at the end.
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