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Just got Photoshop...need captions...


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Still learning, so I took my favorite picture from the scUM game and filtered it several different ways (yes, I am easily amused). Which one should I send to my scUM-loving uber-fan friend? Any caption ideas for the scUM lover?


  • ginn motion blur.jpg
    ginn motion blur.jpg
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  • ginn mosaic.jpg
    ginn mosaic.jpg
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  • ginn pieces.jpg
    ginn pieces.jpg
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  • ginn neagtive.jpg
    ginn neagtive.jpg
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  • ginn neon.jpg
    ginn neon.jpg
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  • ginn light dark.jpg
    ginn light dark.jpg
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Just keep playing around with the filters - it's the best way to learn photoshop. Personally, I agree with stohs, the best part of that pic is the expression on the UM players faces. Absolutely priceless. If anything, I'd blur Ginn and put more emphasis on the shock and disappointment of the UM players.
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great point fellas...the faces on Richard and whoever really are priceless. I was just trying to emphasize the whole thing by putting the emphasis on Ginn and coming up with a caption to go with it.

I love Photoshop. I have already come up with our new t-shirt design for OSU rugby, plus I am working on a new logo for my firm. That counts as work right? :wink2:
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SanClementeBuck said:
Nice work! This will join the Eddie George photo against ND where the ND herd is getting behinder and behinder.
That panoramic shot is still one of my all-time favorites...that photo, in my mind, is perfect.
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They have a "Blur" tool.

Either that or you can select an area of the pic and use the Blur filter, it will only blur the area that is selected. Then you can use a small smudge stick to blend the blurred area to the sharp portion.
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