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There actually might be quite a bit of truth to that. Just when he seems to be hitting his stride again, he gets hurt every time, and it has been pretty clear he hasn't been having as much fun playing in recent years. I wouldn't be surprised to see him retire.
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hes not retiring. end of story.
What is your deal with junior? How are you so certain he isnt done, I would say that he has a decision to make, either change your off season conditioning program to focus on his weakness or continue to end seasons on the DL, I would not be suprised if he hung them up or came back for a few more years, but to say he is not retiring end of story is a very ignorant post.
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but to say he is not retiring end of story is a very ignorant post.
then i guess harold reynolds is also ignorant...despite the fact that he asked Jr if this was the end and Jr gave him the "are you fucking stupid?" look.

jesus christ people.....jump down somebodys throat because they posted something that isnt mainstream.

why the hell would he retire? hes 30 something....plays in his home town...and just came off a great first half. why retire?
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