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JoseJiminez is gone for good


The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • I've given him the permanent boot...he's fallen back into his stupid "ding everyone I possibly can" routine. It's bad enough he gives multiple negative reps to folks he likes to f--k with (FKA and me, for starters), but in order to do so he has to "spread reps around" before being able to repeat rep someone, meaning he has to go around dinging others before making a repeat ding. I've read several posts from others complaining already about this since his return from his one-week hiatus. I, and we all, don't have time for this...so he's gone.
    I love to be able to see who is doing the dinging.... anyway that is possible?

    I have a feeling people wouldn't be obnoxious about it and the problem would kinda take care of itself if you were held "accountable".

    tibor75 said:
    The best thing that MiguelSanchez did was to expose the crybabies on this site whining about their rep points.
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    Gee, Mili, this really breaks my heart. Really it does.

    This punk lasted about 48 hours longer than I thought he would...my guess is if I take him off my "ignore" list now, I'll have a buttload of negative "dings" from him. I'm pretty sure he dinged me so much that his latest attempts actually gave me positive points.
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    Nah, they still count, you just can't see them. I just took LouisBastardo off my ignore list, and he had "dinged" me three times since I had put him on the list. With someone on your "ignore" list, you can't even tell that they tried to ding you, as nothing shows up whatsoever. When somebody is on your list, and they post in a thread you're reading, you can tell that person posted, but you can't read what they wrote. In your User CP, however, you can't even tell they were there. Makes the feature rather nice, in cases like this.
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    He left me positive then a negative within an hour and a half, so I figured he must have been going crazy with it. I actually netted out +11 points in the exchange though so I guess I won't be a rep point crybaby about it. :biggrin:

    so if you ignore somebody, that means their dings don't count?
    Were you getting worried that everyone was going to ignore you now? :wink2:
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