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tBBC Jordan Fuller Commits to Ohio State

Joe Dexter

Jordan Fuller Commits to Ohio State
Joe Dexter
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

The Buckeyes got another recruiting surprise on Monday night, when four-star cornerback Jordan Fuller announced his commitment to Ohio State.

The New Jersey native, who was recruited hard by the Buckeyes, Notre Dame, Michigan and Penn State, made the announcement via a unique YouTube video.

From 24/7 Sports:

“I know Austin Mack and Demario McCall and Jake Hausmann and Jonathon Cooper from the Army All-American game. I like all those guys and they’re great players and I’m excited to play with them and compete with them.”

Fuller gave Meyer the good news Sunday evening.

“It was great,” Fuller said. “His voice perked up and he was really happy.”

Fuller is also happy to play for Kerry Coombs and Greg Schiano.

“They’re real honest guys and real cool guys,” he said. “I can tell they love what they do and they really care about taking care of their players on and off the field.”

Fuller is ranked at 24/7’s 2nd best athlete in the class of 2016 and the 41st best overall prospect in the class.

Welcome to the class Jordan, we can’t wait until the official paperwork comes through on Wednesday!

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