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You Enjoy Myself
The skins are back. check out this quote from Joe Bugel in TimesDispatch

Gibbs has returned to coach the Washington Redskins this season after an 11-year hiatus from the NFL. In his first tenure, Gibbs believed in holding mid-week practices that had the players in full pads with plenty of banging and bashing.

That was then, when chances were good that the player in a backup role was almost as good as the starter.

This is now, when depth is a concern for every team.

And yet the Redskins have gone through the preseason in full pads for almost every practice.

"We wear pads in walk-throughs," said assistant head coach/offensive line Joe Bugel.

Then he laughed. To Bugel and the Redskins' offensive coaching staff, practices without pads are referred to as "working in underwear and having pillow fights."

"We don't like working in underwear," Bugel said. "We don't know how to coach like that. Some teams say they can practice in underwear and say they can go real fast. We haven't figured that formula out yet. We're ignorant towards that We don't like pillow fights."