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MotS&G JK Dobbins makes for Surprise Commitment #13

Ben Van Ooyen

JK Dobbins makes for Surprise Commitment #13
Ben Van Ooyen
via our good friends at Men of the Scarlet and Gray
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

The Ohio State Buckeyes picked up commitment #13 yesterday in the form of RB/ATH JK Dobbins out of La Grange, Texas. Dobbins commitment came despite that fact that he has never been to the Ohio State campus, and that he just received the offer on February 17th. Dobbins had offers from all of the big schools in Texas, plus ones from Notre Dame, North Carolina, Oregon, Florida State and Stanford. He was crystal balled to Texas at 58% which makes this commitment even more of a surprise. Dobbins is rated as a 4-star recruit and the #4 running back in America. The addition of Dobbins to the Ohio State recruiting class adds to what is already the top class in America so far. The Buckeyes currently have six of the top 100 players in America committed and 10 of the top 250 overall prospects.

After much consideration and thought… I want to announce that ive committed to THE
hio state! #GoBucks!

— Jk dobbins (@Jkdobbins22) March 6, 2016

Dobbins joins Todd Sibley out of Archbishop Hoban in Akron as the second back in this class. The Buckeyes look to be done at running back in 2017, but with names like Cam Akers and Najee Murray out there, the door is never closed until signing day.


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