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JFK Assassination video game


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  • Company Launches JFK Assassination Game

    GLASGOW, Scotland - A British company said Sunday it was releasing a video game recreating the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy.

    A spokesman for the president's brother, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (news, bio, voting record), D-Mass., called the game "despicable."

    The Glasgow-based firm Traffic said "JFK Reloaded" was an educational "docu-game" that would help disprove conspiracy theories about Kennedy's death. The game is due to be released Monday, the 41st anniversary of the shooting in Dallas.

    Traffic said the game challenged players to recreate the three shots fired at the president's car by assassin Lee Harvey Oswald from the Texas School Book Depository.

    Traffic's managing director, Kirk Ewing, said the game — available as an Internet download for $9.99 — would "stimulate a younger generation of players to take an interest in this fascinating episode of American history."

    "We've created the game with the belief that Oswald was the only person that fired the shots on that day, although this recreation proves how immensely difficult his task was," Ewing said.

    In a statement, Traffic said it was "determined to promote the title respectfully," given the sensitivity of the subject.

    Sen. Kennedy's spokesman, David Smith, would not comment on whether the family was taking any action to stop the game's release.

    "It's despicable. There's really no further comment," Smith said, adding that the Washington office started getting calls about the game Friday.

    I wonder how long until the Chappaquidic game comes out?