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Jamyest Williams (CB South Carolina, transfer to ???)

MD Buckeye

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Grayson HS (Loganville, GA)
Ht: 5'9"
Wt: 170 lbs
Class: 2017 (High School)

Offered on May 7th...

Cleveland.com - What Kerry Coombs did for elite Georgia ATH Jamyest Williams that landed Ohio State in great positioning: Ohio State football recruiting
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Hearing the most from Ohio State, Clemson, Florida State, Tennessee, Notre Dame, USC, Georgia, Alabama, LSU & Stanford. Plans on visiting OSU this coming spring or summer.
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Top flight cornerback to visit USC Saturday

By Phil Kornblut

USC will get its chance Saturday to inform and impress highly coveted DB Jamyest Williams (5-9 175) of Decatur, GA. Williams said he has over 50 offers at this point including USC and Clemson. USC coach Will Muschamp and defensive coordinator Travaris Robinson recruited Williams when they were at Auburn so a relationship already exists.

"Me and Coach Muschamp and Coach T-Rob have a great connection from Auburn and I'm going down there to talk about South Carolina and how they are going to built it," Williams said. "I think they can build something special because they are great coaches. I love the style of defense of Coach Muschamp and T-Rob and how T-Rob motions DBs. I know he's going to do great with that defense and he's very smart."

Williams attended Clemson's junior day in late January and is also strong on the Tigers.

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