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Jamaree Salyer (OL Goergia Bulldogs)


Sine Labore Nihil
BP Recruiting Team
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Offensive Guard
Pace Academy
Atlanta, GA
Ht: 6'4"
Wt: 305 lbs
Class: 2018

Rivals - Five-star OL Jamaree Salyer gives latest on his recruitment

Plans on cutting his list soon & says Georgia, Clemson, Stanford & Ohio State will definitely make the cut. Will visit Ohio State for Friday Night Lights and has a great relationship with Coach Meyer & Coach Stud. Will take his official visits & likely make a decision in January. Also expects Zamir White to end up at Georgia.
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Rivals - The clock is ticking for five-star OL Jamaree Salyer

Clemson & Georgia lead, with Ohio State & Florida also on his list. Will visit Ohio State next weekend & Clemson on November 11th.

Hey, why not get a free visit up to one of the best games of the season? But seriously, you get guys like this up on campus and even if it doesn't pan out on the specific recruit (it won't here), you build some great inroads in the future in that region.
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