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Jaiden Woodbey (DB Florida State, transfer to Boston College)

MD Buckeye

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Former BPCFFB II Champ
Former FF League III Champ
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St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA)
Ht: 6'1"
Wt: 195 lbs
Class: 2018 (High School)

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Visiting tOSU July 21st & 22nd.

Should be another splendid turnout for Friday Night Lights...
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TheJaidenWoodbey™ ‏@Jaidenwoodbey
I want to thank all these schools for offering, but my list will be getting cut to 6 December 20th. Expect a commitment soon after!

So the last update says that OSU and LSU stand out the most. Now he is ready to name a top 6 and commit soon after. Not knowing who is going to coach LSU, does that make Ohio State the favorite? I know the last update was back in September. Curious about what BPRT thinks.
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