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FKAGobucks877 said:
I'm with you , Nutty. I tried to spend some time on BN, and I honestly couldn't even get myself to post. I had actually forgotten how many idiots there are over there, along with the absolute drivel that is posted.
Hey I still post over there. Someone has to try to educate the masses. :p
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You gotta love the daily " Someone said Ohio State is not the Best Ever they are a fucking asshole thread". Lets all e-mail him and tell him what an asshole he is.

I am positive that if this site would not have come back, Thump would have had the RR shut down by the end of the day.
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Reading the Bucknuts board right now is like trying to talk buckeye football with a group of seventh graders. All sorts of talk but no rational thought.

Did you need to use the word "like" there?
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I had to resort to looking at a few random screen shots I had of this site...

edit: Somebody was showing me a screenshot of the [sarcasm]sarcasm font[/sarcasm] because I didn't believe them, so when the site was down I was depressed and had to settle for the pic.
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Whew! I got back on BP earlier and tried to post, and got the same error message about problems with the database. That's just fricken CRUEL! Yanking my chain like that is unacceptable. I'm off to Bucknuts.

Well, just to get some front page links. Back soon! :biggrin:
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There was a nice 6 page thread over at bucknuts regarding the TS interview. I read a couple pages and gave up on it. Everyone just keeps repeating the same thing over and over again.

TS should be give a shot on the field.

He was given a shot in practice.

etc, etc, etc,

I still enjoy reading over there but I don't post.
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