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With OSU playing on more the same level as ND than in the last say 10 years
wouldn't it be cool if they got together in a bowl game?? Even if it would be a 2nd tier bowl!

I hope your Buckeyes will get back on track and I think ND will go at 2-2 the rest of the way.
Pittsburgh at home should be a sure win, but BC always plays you tough, even in SB. At Tennessee is a long shot at best, and at USC is a lost cause. 7-4 gets you a decent bowl, but 6-5 may not get you anything within a week of New Year's Day.
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I think the Poulan Weedwacker Bowl (actual name of a bowl a few years ago)would love that one, but it's not going to happen. If ND doesn't finish high enough to get a Gator Bowl invide (7-4 wouldn't cut it, I don't think, AND 6-5 certainly wouldn't) then they'll have to see what conference doesn't have enough teams to cover their affiliations to get a lower bid, if they even accepted it. I will say that the only way this could happen is if we finish 6-5, go to one of the bottom 2 Big 10 bowl games, and the other conference can't send anybody. In that case, I'm sure ND would be more likely to accept a chance to play OSU, so it would probably happen if it falls this way.
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