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Wolverine is largest member of weasel family
Okay, I know I am not supposed to wish time by, but I am ready for fall to arrive. Yeah, it means the end of the summer, but the weather in this state has been weird this summer. A couple days ago it was almost 90 and it will probably get in the 40's tonight. The weather has not been nice enough to warm up the lakes to a level my wife is willing to go to the beach. It's almost August, so let's just skip right to September and call the month of August a waste.

September brings us football, thank God! Both the Bucks to get me pumped up and the Browns to get me frustrated. Fortunately, the feeling from a Buckeye win always lasts longer than a Browns lost. I am excited to see the old players and the new players wearing the scarlet and gray.

As a bonus, September means better fishing. Time for the salmon to start running and take some time off from work to chase them.

Now I remember why fall is my favorite season.
I'm with you, man. I love fall. It meant going back to college (OSU), which I loved, it meant football, it meant cooler weather, and the leaves turning colors.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. The first couple of years out of college it was tough, because I didn't get to participate in the normal "rites of autumn" I'd become used to.

I'm ready. I can't wait.
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You almost have as many of those little green chicklets as you do years on the face of the earth! You are a youngster.:)

I am so ready for fall. It has been in the upper 90's here with high humidity, the low was 78 last night. I have had to work in the attic and garage this weekend as well as the yard.

I also hated August as I related it to two a days.

Fall was the start of playing football not practicing. It always seemed like a few new young ladies appeared each school year. By the end of football season I was so used to being outdoors the basketball coach could never get me to play on the team.

There was nothing better than drinking a few beers with friends around a fire as we cooked just about anything we could on a grill. One of my buddies had a detached garage with a fridge, a few picnic tables and some horseshoe pits. We would hang out there all fall until it snowed. Man, do I miss those days.
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