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Wolverine is largest member of weasel family
ESPN is the only major media outlet that has continued to push these MoC stories and all of the alleged illegal activities at OSU. Yeah, I know they first reported the story and it is their baby, but if there was something of substance wouldn't their peers hop on to the story like a pack of wolves? Instead of reporting a story and seeing if it has a life of its own it almost seems as if they are doing everything they can to keep it alive, even if they are the only ones still reporting on it.

Does anyone here think that ESPN truly believes their own stories or have they reached the point where they are so far in they cannot get out? Are they so deep that they are willing to risk whatever journalistic reputation they have just to support a story whose main source is a person who has already been labeled a liar?

It seems like they have now crossed the threshold of reporting facts and are now entering a pissing match with the school. They are appearing more vindictive and more desperate to find something to substantiate a story they might have rushed to press. I just get the feeling they are not going to let this story go until either something turns up to be true, whether it was something MoC reported, or the NCAA completes their investigation and tells ESPN to go fornicate with themselves.

I keep thinking back to an interview I saw of John Stewart by Ted Koppel. Ted was talking about how it can take time for the facts to catch up to the story. He talked about how that is harder in this age of competing media and an immediate need for information. It seems that ESPN refuses to allow the story to pause in order for the facts and truth to catch it. They just keep shuffling things around to shift focus. If they want an answer stop and wait for the facts and truth to catch their reports.

As has been mentioned in other threads, ESPN is now less about sports and more about entertainment. I only watch the channel when they have the ever rarer game broadcast. Also, I do not want to hear the excuses that ESPN has all these divisions that fight with each other for scoops. You know what, you are all ESPN and have the same basic responsibility to be a responsible member of the media, for whatever that is worth.