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That #31 Roth is a heck of a Linebacker for Iowa.
haha as I write that he gets a off sides

>Fumble on the handoff for Iowa. Michigan gets the ball ... Sloppy sloppy
michigan at around the 25. Iowa plays kinda
>Dag a penalty for Iowa . Can't make this many mistakes against Tsun
> RB HArt for Tsun Touchdown. Harts not a bad RB for TSUN and only a Frosh.
Iowa sure shot themselves in the foot that series
> 3 turnovers so far for Iowa .. tisk tisk
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OMG another fumble. Tsun gets the ball AGAIN. In like a half seconds of play.
4 turnovers for Iowa. Hmmmm I am less and less worried about playing away in Iowa now .. haha
Its not even like Tsun is doing GREAT , its more Iowa is killing themselves. I hope they play like this on October 16th.
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Now Hart(rb) for TSUN fumbles ... touchback for Iowa. hahaha that ball must have vasaline on it or something. Popping round there like a greeced "pig"skin on the ground. haha

Other than Edwards, neither Offensive teams seem outstandingly overpowering the other. Defenses on both teams pretty good though.
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OMG intercepted by Michigan ... runs back for TD ! how many turnovers are there going to be in this game .. sloppy sloppy
Iowa is just giving this game away

Iowa 10

"Marshall, best 0-3 team in the college sports" !!!! hahaha I still laugh when I think of some analyst saying that (forget who). I have respect for that team but that just sounded goofy to say.

:osu2: Spielman for Grand PooBA of the Royal Moose Club !! :osu2:
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