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Intruders break into wrong house, apologise


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Your daily dose of stupidity..... :lol:

Last Update: Wednesday, December 29, 2004. 8:04am (AEDT)

Intruders break into wrong house, apologise

Armed intruders broke into a family's house in Britain, only to apologise and leave again, having realised they intended to beat someone up next door instead.

A woman was upstairs with her children in Swinton, Yorkshire, northern England, when two men armed with a knife and a plank of wood broke in through a back door.

"The intruders made their way upstairs where the occupant was with her two children," a South Yorkshire police spokesman said.

"It became obvious the intruders had got the wrong address and they left, apologising. No threats were made, although the woman was in a distressed state."

The men then forced their way into a house next door and beat up a young man - presumed to be their intended victim - although he was not seriously hurt, the spokesman added.

Police did not know the reason for the attack.