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It went to OT, and it was a huge win for NW, but it wasn't a classic game to me.

And it's a joke when they talk about the big celebration on Ryan Field afterward, when we outnumbered them 2-1. But hey, they won it straight up.
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So was 2003 OSU / NCST - but that game was deserving of such a title. Two great teams going at each other for 3 OT's.

And no, I'm not saying that just b/c OSU won.

The game against NU was just a medicore team playing way over their heads and a very talented team still trying to find its groove.
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West Virginia dropped quite a bit and they lost to a better team. Buckeye fans should realize a great game when they see one. This game had it all. It wasn't just an upset. It also had a comeback...and some key turnovers. And an exciting 4th quarter and overtime. I mean...Ohio State is used to it...we've played in more exciting game. Games that are more "classic." But it seems like whenever there is a game that could be "classic" it's an Ohio State game. Most teams won't play in a game this exciting all year. I have a feeling this one tomorrow is going to be another "classic". Go Buckeyes!!! Beat Wisconsin!!!
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Everyone claims to have an "instaClasic" when they knock off the Top dawgs in the game. We, The OSU Buckeye fans and The Ohio State Buckeye football players, are the most elite in the game. History, Stats, Records, the Band, the Tradition and the love for the game have all proved that very point. Can some of these other teams like Northwestern say that ?? NO !!! Yea they may have a great scholastic aptitude (not that we don't have good ones too). They aspire to be as good as our football teams. They bash everything from the classes the players take too the school itself, to the team as a whole.What it comes down to is they can't even come close to OSU as a whole ... so when they beat OSU once in 33 years, its an "instant classic" because its all their Alumni and players have to grasp onto. It may not come for another 33 years .. who knows. It will be few and far between no matter what, I can positively say that. Let them bitch and moan and brag all they want this year because those short lived victories will be few and far between . We are the Buckeyes and have such a bright future in so many ways .... POINT BLANK !!!

Same goes for Wisconsin : Overall Series Record: Ohio State leads 39-10-3
Northwestern : Overall Series Record: Ohio State leads 54-13-1
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2004 is a flukey s.o.b. so far

-4 hurricanes in one state-first time in 120 years

-Cubs have back to back winning seasons- first time in 33 years

-NU beats OSU- 33 years

-Detroit knocks off the Lakers

I'm telling you, 2004 is one of those "wierd shit happens" kind of years. OU and the Yankees better watch out, UT and the BoSox are due like no ones business.
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scooter1369 said:
Doesn't bode well for the Gators in the Cocktail Party, huh?

I honestly don't know if UGA can break that jinx. That being said, I am seriously considering putting some coin on the 'dog in any game/series the rest of this year.
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