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Indiana Freshmen football players arrested for theft, larceny


I thought this was funny, they were arrested for stealing a sign and hanging it in their dorm room:

Freshmen football players arrested for theft, larceny

By Lori Geller & John Rodgers Indiana Daily Student
Bloomington, IN (U-WIRE) -- Two IU football players were arrested on charges of class-B felony theft and larceny Saturday evening after police discovered a sign taken from Memorial Stadium hanging in their dorm room. The sign read "No alcoholic beverages permitted in the stadium."

A spokesman at the Monroe County Jail confirmed that Brandon Joyce, 21, and Brian Faires, 20, were bonded out of jail Sunday on a $2,000 security deposit and $500 in cash. The two sophomores will appear in court at 1 p.m. today.

According to IU Police Department reports, an officer was dispatched around 10:15 p.m. Saturday to the seventh floor of Eigenmann Hall after receiving a call from a residential assistant claiming there was a problem with several males involving alcohol. When the officer arrived, he noticed a sign from the football stadium hanging in the room of Joyce and Faires, who later told the officer they did not know how the sign got in their room.

IUPD Lt. Jerry Minger said the Athletics Department was contacted after the incident.

"If we do find out they are athletes, many times we will contact the Athletics Department to make sure they know what their players are doing," Minger said. "They will take action against them. We don't want something to slip through the cracks and the coach not find out about it."

IU athletics department spokesman Pete Rhoda said new head football coach Terry Hoeppner is handling the situation internally.

"Coach Hoeppner is aware of the situation, and he's handling it," Rhoda said.

This is the second legal incident involving members of the IU football team in recent months.

On Oct. 31, sophomores Troy Grosfield and Tyson Beattie were arrested for criminal mischief and resisting law enforcement after a domestic incident.

(C) 2004 Indiana Daily Student via U-WIRE