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2018 IN RB Markese Stepp (USC Signee)


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BP Recruiting Team
'14 NFL Pick'em Champ
2x BP FBB Champ
‘18 Premier League Champ
Former FF Keeper Champ
Former FF The Deuce Champ
Former Hockey Champ
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Cathedral HS (Indianapolis, IN)
Ht: 6'0''
Wt: 205 lbs
Class: 2018 (High School)

BG$-Standout 2018 RB Stepp sets visit

Markese is set to visit tOSU on Feb. 27th. Has picked up offers from Cinci, Purdue, Illinois & Iowa in recent months.
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Will be in Columbus tomorrow. Going to be an extremely tough pull from ND, but Markese has made a handful of visits to tOSU as well. Have to think he'll be receiving an offer at any moment now...
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BN $ - 2018 RB told he could get an Ohio State offer

Markese was impressed by the intensity & physicality of the spring scrimmage. Afterwards he got to tour the facilities with his father & they liked what Ohio State has to offer. Coaches Alford & Coombs are currently recruiting Markese and he's been told he could be receiving an offer. Notre Dame, Sparty, tOSU, Iowa & Tennessee currently stand out.
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