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The Offense

The offense and the team have just found out they have a playmaker that can strike from anywhere and more importantly, at anytime. This MANCHILD will inspire the rest of them to live up to their own billing. The lethargy seemed awful pervasive throughout this game and throughout this season. It may be a reflection of Coach Tressel's un-emotional demeanor but that needs to stop.

AJ's interception and Mo Hall's nail in the coffin, to me, was the writing on the wall- that this team woke up finally.

Ginn gives them back the confidence to believe in themselves to be a top team nationally for the next 3 years and beyond as more big-time playmakers will see that they too can get showcased even by fuddy duddy ole' Jimmy Tressel.

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Be good-everyone dealing w something u don't know
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  • Slick.. I can see this as having an impact on offense... but this defense looks like it needs motivation pills... there is no excitement there... I'd go back to that 4 LB set and stick Thomas Mathews in there... he's not as good but he brings a Cie Grant type energy and emotion... IMO this defense misses D'Andrea badly...
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    Its hard to say if they lack emotion. I know i saw once where Carpenter was head butting some teammates during a key drive deep in buckeye territory. Much like the offense the defense to me is still playing a step behind. Anthony is playing solid but not great! Wilhelm played great because you hardly ever saw him over pursue any plays. He was a great wrap up tackler and good blitzer. Anthony is a great blitzer but not a good wrap up tackler, but it will come. This defense is built for better success in 2005.
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