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I haven't been able to watch the Bucks for the last couple weeks due to work and ABC, so even though they won, I couldn't tell if it looked like they were improving or not. After watching today's game I saw a couple of things that made me feel much better about the rest of this year, and especially next year.

1. A lot of people complain about the scheme JT runs, because it doesn't produce tons of yards, but I saw at least 2 plays today we missed that would have went for 50 yards each. We were inches or so from completing both of those passes, and probably getting 14 points, that isn't a scheme problem, it is execution, and we are a lot closer to completing those passes then we were against Wisconsin and Iowa.

2. I had not been able to watch Troy Smith play until this afternoon, but when I did see him I was very impressed. I saw one bad pass that should have been picked off, but other than that I didn't see him force anything that wasn't there. Troy seemed to be much more comfortable in the pocket than I remember Zwick being, and for that reason I hope Troy continues to get the start until he proves that he doesn't deserve it.

3. It looked like the O-line and the running game have made some small steps toward being average again. I didn't see many stops in the back field, and except for "half a yard and a fumble" I don't think we coughed the ball up at all. Pass protection looked a little better, and that may be why TS looks more comfortable than Justin did. Although I still hope Bollman is canned after the season, it is good to see that the O-line is improving some.

4. The defense also seemed to improve today, they have managed to figure out that bullshit screen that has killed us all year. They still have trouble getting of the field on third down, and tackling seems to be an issue, but again they look better. Oh and Snyder finally made some adjustments, and guess what?? THEY WORKED!!

5. Special teams really rock this year, not just kicking and punting, but returning and covering. This coach needs a raise.

6. Teddy Ginn Rocks. We need to have some special plays for him on scUM day.

Has anyone that has seen Troy Smith play all three games have any input on if he has improved from week to week or not?
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  • I think one word would sum up the last three weeks of "improvement."


    Troy is more confident.
    Coach is more confident.
    The O-line is more confident.
    The Defense is more confident.

    Did I leave anyone out?
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    Right now the only areas where I don't see improvement is in the pass rush and tackling. After last week, we were 26th nationally in Total D. MSU got 407 but a lot was desperation yards at the end. Considering the time the offense makes the D spend on the field, not too bad overall.

    Question: Do we have a pass rusher for next year? If we do, I really think we are set.
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    Buckeye Beach Bum
    Quote by Troy Smith:

    Never give up:

    Ohio State finished with a respectable 307 yards of total offense, but most of that came inside the last two minutes.

    Ginn's 58-yard touchdown reception and Hall's 51-yard run provided more than one-third of the output by an OSU offense that entered No. 106 among 117 Division I-A teams in total offense.

    "I guess what I would say to our fans out there is, 'Just stick with us,' " Smith said. "We'll come through eventually."

    I think with some maturity this team is going to be great. Some of the problems are mental with penalties stopping drives and big gains. I think another problem that will be solved is the QB finding the open receiver. The QBs are young and inexperienced and will learn to go through their reads to find the open receiver. I don't think it's the play calling as much as it is execution of the plays that are called.
    In conclusion, with time and experience this team will gives us many great moments to remember. Ginn is great and the team will be great. So, keep your chins up and give the Buckeyes some props for continuing to strive for excellence.
    They deserve a bowl game and it will be a reward for their hard work and dedication to the game. :osu:
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    I for one don't see any improvement, and see this game as a step bacwards. Sure Ginn is improving, and is a bad ass, but I didn't think the O-Line played particularly well, I don't think T. Smith played particularly well, I don't think our Defense played particularly well. We won the game but I don't think that means we played well.

    The way that game started off we should have rolled all over them. We didn't put together a drive all game. We got big plays from #7 and he was better than anyone they had, plus a big interception from AJ Hawk.

    I still don't think we could beat scUM, I have serious doubts we could beat Purdue. The difference in this game was only that they couldn't run with #7. That doesn't make this a good game, or a show of improvement.

    Running (C-) (only because of Hall's last Touchdown, which is hard to count
    Blocking (D+) (No wholed exept one at the end, too many sacks and pressures)
    Passing (B-) (passing with out Ginn would have been at best a D- not spread out at all)
    Quarterback (C) (Made no plays with his feet, delivered only a couple good passes, and one great one)
    Special Teams (A+) (What more could have they done?)
    Tackling (D) (Still too many arm tackles, and not enough form tackes. This allowed losses to turn into decent gains, and really allowed MSU to control the ball most of the post 1st quarter game)

    I don't know how else to say this but tak away Hawk and what I saw was some very poor play from our front 7 on defense. I was very disappointed. At least they only gave up field goals, but those will be touchdown drives the next two weeks. We are not playing very well unless we want to go to El Paso?
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    It's no coincidence that we have thrown no interceptions for three games, and that Troy Smith started all three games, and that we won all three games by double digits.

    Regardless, we need a new offensive coordinator. Tressel can still call the plays, but we need someone who a) can give us a real o-line and rushing game, and b) develop some plays that take advantage of Ginn, Holmes, and Smith for next year. If we could get some real production out of the running game, we would have a tremendous offense next year with all the playmakers we have at the skill positions. However, it starts up front, and Jim Bollman has to go.
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    I guess we might as well just give up and not play the rest of the season.

    This team is slowly coming together. Remember that Pittman was not available.

    IMO we have the best overall special teams of any team in the country. Its scary to think how good we will be next year especially if Turano and Huston get a 6th year.

    What alot of people are not looking at is that our defense is averaging 20 more plays a game than our offense. Thats would hurt any young defense. I have seen improvement. I think they are good but need to tackle better and have a better pass rush.

    On offense they are not turning the ball over(except for stripper boy). If we don't turn the ball over against Purdue and Meshitagain we have a great shot to win.

    We have seen flashes of what this team can do. I think we can run the table.
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    Head Coach
    Troy played very well against Indiana going 12-24, He improved alot I thought from Indiana to Penn State he makes things happen with his feet. What he needs to work on is just giving the recievers more time to do what they need to do. He can buy time with his feet as he's showed on more than 1 occasion , and thats what I like best about him. This game you saw him running around alittle, and you also saw two huge big plays go for drops (one was alittle over thrown to Holmes). He's improved every week I think so far. We'll see next week though!

    Killerbuck- I'd rate them like this

    QB play-B
    Speical Teams-A

    You don't stop teams from scoring with a "D" on the tackling, we held them to 1 TD so thats why I give them a "C".

    I thought that the passes were spread out just fine. Had 1 to Lyons,4 to Holmes, 4 to Ginn, 2 to Gonzo, 1 to Hamby, 1 to Childress, 1 to Dionte Johnson, and also 1 to Hall.

    Now your QB play- He didn't do an extream amount with his feet I agree, but he did make alot of very nice throws. I like the comback to Ginn, and also the Comback to Gonzo, and of course the two slants to both Ginn/Holmes were money. He didn't light it up but did what a Tressel QB is suppose to do. Thats why I give him the B

    What you think of Purdue next week Killer?
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    The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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    The OL didn't play as well as they did against Penn State but not as bad as againt Wisconsin and Iowa. We were a couple of missed passes from getting 30 points on offense without the last minute run by Hall against a zombie MSU defense.
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    I hate tsun
    ‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ
    Since TS has taken over we have played a very good D, a very bad D and a so-so D(PSU, IU and MSU respectivley) so I think you can look at some things now.

    TS last 3 games: 31/53 58.5% 358 yds (119ypg) 3TD 0 INT

    Now thats not exactly great but in a JT system I'll take a 60% passer who doesn't turn it over much and can scramble well. If the Defense/punting/running aspects to JT system were as strong as usual those type of stats are very Krenzelish, maybe better.

    In the same span look at the difference in the run game: 122 carries 594 yds 4TD. 198 rypg average is about where we want to be.

    So all in all I'm reminded of the old saying "we aren't where we want to be, we aren't even where we should be, but thank god we aren't where we used to be." Meaning I see some improvement but miles and miles of improvement yet to go.

    The single most disturbing trend I continue to see NO improvement in is the defenses shoddy tackeling. I am having Jamie Morris flashbacks thinking about what Hart can do to a team that tackels as bad as ours.
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    Never Forget 31-0
    I think he is progressing well. He needs to eliminate the TOs and stay in the pocket a few seconds longer and then scramble, make them respect your ability to run or pass. He is getting better, but the offensive line has been alot better also, its a combination of things.
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    The way we are playing on offense reminds me of how the Georgia Bulldogs were playing earlier this year. It seemed like they were a step behind on offense. They would drop a pass on 3rd down, holding call that would have given them a first down, and so on........

    I think Tressel has done a good job "opening" up the playbook and seems to be giving players more chances to make plays. Bottom line is the players have to execute better if they want to put up big #'s. No dropped passess or stupid penalties that cost us 30 yard runs.

    Lets keep in mind we play in the big 10 where defense is the #1 priority. Hell the BIG 12 has not even heard of defense. The only game i saw them play defense was the Oklahoma and Texas game.

    This team will get better with age. Eventually, we will see no key drops that end drives, stupid penalties that put us at 3rd and long, and shit like that. This is team is getting better and really really needs a big win to finish the regular season. Michigan should do just fine!
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