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I'm new to this forum and i know this isnt exactly a football question so sorry.

I am doing research and I need to find out if Ohio State's Athletic Program had a net loss or net gain for last years budget. If anyone could help me find out if the athletic department made or lost money and by how much either way it would help me out a lot. Thanks. Go Bucks!
scooter1369 said:
google.. its all a matter of public record. Its a state institution.
agreed scooter -- and just to make things easy on all of us the source data is in the rpia node at osu.edu

Here is the latest report -- pdf format go to page 89 of 94 for the Athletic Department budget. I think we might prescribe this for insomnia.

Oh yes varns, they do make money even after significant (though reducing) debt service and underwriting all the sports for which there is less support and hence a negative cash picture.
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