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It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.
I'm frustrated. I'm pissed off, yes, but I think more than anything, I'm frustrated. For some reason, espn has launched this attack on OSU, and there's nothing I can do about it. I'd do anything to stop it, but all I can do is sit here and hope that it will end.

I love The Ohio State University, I really do. I spent my college days at OSU, and they were some of the best times of my life. Ohio State is a part of me- it always will be. I'm proud to tell people that I graduated from OSU. I am proud of the great history and tradition that we have, not only on the athletic fields, but the university as a whole. I'm a sports fan, so I'm proud of the athletic program and what it's achieved over the years, especially the football program. I love it when I get a chance to go back to Columbus for a game, showing up at the 'Shoe dressed head to toe in scarlet and gray, like a total homer. When I'm in the stadium and the band plays "Carmen Ohio", I always get tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. I've got a diploma hanging on the wall from The Ohio State University- a diploma that I'm proud of. Proud because of the work it took, but also proud because it came from The Ohio State University.

This ridiculous attack by espn literally makes me sick to my stomach. As they beat up on Coach Tressel, our athletic program, and the university, I feel almost as they're beating on me as well. It's personal to me. I know that's irrational, that none of this is directed at me personally, but I can't help it. Ohio State is a part of me.

Anyway- I'm sorry to ramble on like this, but I just had to get this out. There aren't many Buckeye fans here in Wilmington, Delaware, so there really isn't anyone to talk to who understands this. I know that you guys understand. I know that many of you feel the same way I do about Ohio State, and are just as upset about all of this as I am.

I guess all we can do is show our support. I envy those of you who will go to the next couple of games- you've got to stand up and support OSU for all of us.

I know that's irrational, that none of this is directed at me personally, but I can't help it. Ohio State is a part of me.

No DE...it is directed at you personally. And it is directed at me personally to. This is VERY personal. You should feel the way you do.
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DEBuckeye said:
I know that's irrational, that none of this is directed at me personally

I wouldn't be so sure this isn't directed at you and me personally. The flagship university of the State of Ohio is being questioned on many different levels. Not just the Athletic department, but the quality of education as well. I have several theories that I won't go into, but to believe a northeastern United States news organization is showing contempt for those of us west of the Appalachians is not a stretch in my mind.
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XC - not to go political on anyone but from that "Souls of departed..." article at ESPN:

But the roots of the alleged scandal -- and the relationship between player and coach -- can be found far from campus, three hours away by car in the northeast corner of a politically and athletically red state. They lie in the toxic soil along the Mahoning River, a gentle, serpentine body of water that once gave life to a working-class vision of the American Dream.
Politically and athletically red state - how very clever.
Toxic Soil -- What fucking hyperbole! Get ye back to C**t-Hole State

Then there is little bit a "sly" tilting of the truth. Give these ESPN slimes (this case its one Tom Farrey) their due, they can make the mud-pie ring before they sling it. Notice how Tressel's faith - which no-one has a right to question, it being a personal thing -- is typified as an act by the words "played the part." I've got to believe this one moment where turning the other cheek should be overtaken by the Old Testament response.
Tressel looked like a minister in his trademark sweater vest and perfect haircut, and played the part, too, founding a Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter at the school.
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I noticed that too. Motherfuckers are taking shot after shot at this man and his family AND the family that is Ohio State.

How much more do they have to take? How many more old stories can be trotted out and presented as fact when they are , in reality, nothing more than character assasination.

This is the first day in the last 23 years that I have not seen anything that ESPN has to offer. I didn't watch SportsCenter. I can't remember the last time I didn't watch SportsCenter. Those bastards have crossed the line!!!!
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I really thought that people were being crazy about the NE connection and the election, but when I read the article about Springsteen and politically red state I knew it was true. It just sounds so far fetched it makes me laugh. Did these three or four guys care so much about the election they would do this? Or was someone higher up in disney/espn angry? Or is it just one guy being a total loser and putting that in his mag article, who knows.
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Ignore these giants of journalism

Hey DE! Let's not forget that Franklin Country went for Kerry! But maybe there is something to this. Whatever, it doesn't matter. What matters is how we respond.

First, consider the source. We have a pretty good idea what their real motives are :bicker: , so why give them so much attention? Who cares what ESPN says about OSU and the quality of the education they provide? Looked at any of the reviews the professors take part in? Everything I see says OSU keeps going up the charts. They've got some truly world-class academics at OSU and maybe more than they did when people like us went through.

Second, take it personally and respond that way:pissed:. Calmly and rationally think about concrete steps you can take to respond. Lots of people on Buckeye Planet are responding by writing advertisers and withholding their custom. We need the Buckeye Nation to really rise to the occasion.

Third, really support the Buckeyes and be positive. I'm really excited about this team developing for the rest of this year and for next year. I think another NC might just be around the corner. Let the players know that you really do support them. I'd love to see us win our next three games by three touchdowns each and then watch old ESPN's reaction.

Personally, I am not going to be watching or reading ESPN. Not for a very long time! :mad1:
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By Mr. Ed on 17:29:44 11/12/04
The O-zone:

Heading over to the women's basketball game right now, but I just hung up with Donnie Nickey...
...who said that the notion that "everybody" was on the take on the 2002 team was ludicrous. He spoke EXTREMELY highly of Clarett the football player, but is totally befuddled by his recent statements. I'll try to put together a report tonight after the women's game. This situation, in Nickey's opinion, goes back to the incident a the Fiesta Bowl where Clarett wanted to go back home for that funeral. He feels there was bad blood between Clarett and Geiger after that incident.
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ohiobuck94 said:
By Mr. Ed on 17:29:44 11/12/04
This situation, in Nickey's opinion, goes back to the incident a the Fiesta Bowl where Clarett wanted to go back home for that funeral. He feels there was bad blood between Clarett and Geiger after that incident.
Then Donnie Nickey is very misinformed. This is the guy who was talking trash in SI and going off the deep end well before that.

It goes back to a young man who had the world handed to him and threw it away. Chances that any one of us would have taken with glee. The natural ability he had played itself into national prominence and he chose to use that limelight to do the things he did.

This goes back to someone who could not follow the rules, who let greed and foolish advice ruin his life. Now, he petulantly wants someone else to pay. And, if he wrecks the value of the degrees we earned with a host of inaccuracies, he could care less.

Oh, he'll get into the pros. For a while. but I wouldn't be counting on a lot of product endorsements if I were him. It's a real shame but he brought it on himself and he and his "hangers-on" will just have to reconcile themselves to that. Much of the gravy train has derailed.
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JonathanXC said:
I think ESPN is pissed at Ohio for voting for Bush...so they are taking it out on the University the represents all that is great about this state.

I'll add a little fuel to the political theory fire. :biggrin:

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