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Early bird.

I just went my bodega and got a six pack of PBR 16 oz. lol

They made fun of me. . .

Edit: speaking of PBR. . .

Usually I get Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Brooklyn Lager there, poor selection, and my wife gets Stella Artois. (hence them making fun of me).

However, has anyone here had Stella? I can't tell the difference between bud, bud light, miller lite, coors, pbr, Stella, etc. All pretty similar in no-tasteness, which is fine.

My point is: Girls dig Stella because it doesn't taste much, like bud and stuff, but is more expensive and looks cool. It is like wanting to be cool and get a good beer but hating good beer. Funny stuff. . .

Oh: I'm drunk too. :biggrin:
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Today kinda sucked, went to a party with a friend, didn't know anyone there...random drunk girl jumped on me, was kinda awkward. So, not drunk tonight...but yesterday....yesterday was something all together different.

Had a few shots of 151, then headed to a frat party where for the most part I was sobering up. Then played one game of beer pong. The other guys must have been the beer pong champions of the world cause we got destroyed. What sucks is before we went to this party we chilled at Brennen's for a bit, so I was riding the high of a caffiene trip when we got to the party. Got kinda messed up in more than one way.
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