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Head Coach
I'm back after my long and terrible stint in the dark....So I have some stuff on my mind right now.

IF you guys had to take a guess on how our offense is ran next year what would you say?

Because if we get Gwaltney I hope we don't go back to our stupid ways of running the ball like we use to. I love our new offense that we have right now? what you guys think
if we get Gwaltney
we aren't, so it's a moot question. but, the offense will be fine with either Smith or Zwick. you don't open up the playbook the way JT did the last two games, have that kind of sucess, and then just go back to running slow developing stretch plays out of a one back set the next season.
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IMO, the entire philosophy will depend on the progress of the O-line. No matter what we saw in the final few games, JT has always been, and will always be, a ball control/field position coach. If he has a significant running game or even a somewhat effective running game, look for the conservative nature to return. He will rely on a bruising running game to open up play action and quick slants for the speedy receivers. That is not to say the spread will be thrown out the window, but it will not be the prevalent offensive set. However, having a receiving corp like the one the Buckeyes have returning next year will make it difficult to ignore the possibilities of the big play. Hopefully, the two TE set is a no show next year.
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The "Shot Ginn" offense, more generally multiple WR sets that employ spread philosophies, will continue to play a more prominant role in OSU's near future. Simply too successful to ignore.

I believe the Mo Wells recruitment and the high number of versitile DB/WR athletes we have brought in under Tress are proof positive of OSU's belief in this trend. Football is continually becoming more and more about speed and the athletic ability neccessary to play in space.

Rich Rodriguez and his disciples showed the way with their "spread" attacks in the late 90's and early 2000's. Although many considerd it a "gimmick" offense it did in fact give the have-not's the ability to give the 'have's" fits. Defensive coordinators quickly found the recipie to battle this scheme but now it's general principles are being adopted and used by the "have's" with great success.

The funniest thing to me is that scUM is so far behind in adopting this strategy both offensively and defensively. Their inability to play in space and overall lack of defensive speed were well documented this year. For my money OSU and Iowa are the teams to look at as far as the B10 teams most similar to what the rest of college football is doing.
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Jax, excellent point about MoW and his versatility. tOSU could show a basic I formation pre-snap and work a player like him in motion ala Reggie Bush. Suddenly you have the Pro-Twins or even Trips look. The possibilities are endless.

Players like MoW add multiple dimensions to an offense. Hopefully, JT removes the leash and allows this type of creativity to take place.
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I agree with OSUGrad

JT has had these speed guys in the past (Gamble/Jenkins) combo was pretty darn good and still played the field position game.

Although I think that if we get the running game we all desperately want in Gwaltney/Wells/Pittman/Haw there are 3 things separating this team from the 2002 NC team.

#1) No Kicker like "Nuge"
#2) No Punter like Groom
#3) No tight end like Hartsock
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Yeah I agree with you guys, as much as I like Gwaltney I like Mo wells that much more. Just simply because he reminds me of Reggie. Now does he catch like him? who knows. I'd hope that we try passing to him though. his speed in the open field will definatly be key. Just Imagine rolling him to the same side as ginn and holmes? Have both holmes and ginn run go routes and run everyone off leaving a linebacker to try and cover maurice! For sure there are some fast linebackers now a days it seems! I hope Roy Hall can turn himself into an effective weapon, with him and lyons,holmes, ginn, and gonzo it would create a nice mix of size and speed.
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very good point backhome....I honestly think Ginn/Holmes are by far faster than those two, but I do miss Jenkins and Gamble they're both true buckeyes.

I'd like to see us just utilize our talents that we have. I like our o-line right now, and call me crazy but I watched the AA game again and Boone did very very well, and I see him pushing for a starting job come the Texas game. The only thing I saw in the AA-game was the faster ends kept going 10 yards up field in order of trying to get around him, but the end was actually just taking himself outta the play. Well unless you're a stupid Iowa soon to be QB and you roll that way anyways. I like him as a tackle, and if he starts I'd look for a monster o-line with him, Mangold, and Sims.

With the o-line size, theres no question JT will start to run the ball alittle more than he did at the end of last year. However he'd be nuts not to throw those quick screens to Teddy, or the deep ball to holmes. I believe our recieving corps is as good as any and I just hope he doesn't ignore them! Glad to talk to you all again.
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osugrad21 said:
IMO, the entire philosophy will depend on the progress of the O-line.
Great point with regards to the thought of "it all starts with the Offensive line" under Coach Tressels' style of football. No matter who is the RB, the success of the offense starts with the line, and WOW what an offensive line OSU is building for the future.

Also with regards to the running game. Now that OSU has some semblence of a very effective passing game; opposing teams will not be able to stack the line as they did this past year. This forced the young OSU QB's to try beat them and/or forced mistakes. Also it shut down the running game. Now opposing teams will have to sit back and at least respect OSU's passing game and that alone will open up running lanes for our RB's to go through. Add that to the truly monsterous Linemen (ala Boone, Mitchum ect..) coming in and you have a very successful running game in the future.
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yes Roy has a nice size to him for a TE. I don't think he blocks well tho (unless he holds). However it'd be nice to put him at tight end and motion him, along with Wells or Haw to create major mis matches. Think of that formation guys! haha
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I'll go with 21. It will depend on the O-line again this next year. If we domainate the line of scrimage it will open up a whole range of possibility. Even the Ginn to D argument is somewhat dependant on the the O-line. If we can run the ball and control the clock, Ginn is available for the nickel/dime formations. Is this going to fun or what?
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There was probably alittle more buzz going into '03 with Will Smith's class coming back, but I like this class probably alittle more because of the explosiveness that alot of our players on offense can supply. Not to mention a defense that in my opinion played extremely well for the later parts of the season. Besides the last drive against Purdue with Orton in the game I was very happy with the way our defense was playing. Its good to be a buckeye right now, and I'm even more excited because I believe at least 2-4 in coming freshman will have a big time impact. GO BUCKS.
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