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Go Bucks!
I ran into a few Illinois fans tonight at random camps bars.
Every one I ran into was very nice..
I must say though, even before tonight...
I want an tOSU victory tmr soooooooo bad,
but dammit, I want Illinois to win it all, bring some respect back to the Big 10.
I hate the ACC and all the ass lovin they get from the media...
Drunken post over.............
Some of the sports media say the Big Ten is down this year. I'd like to see the Illini win it all.
I'm a Buckeye fan but the odds are really against them to beat Illini.

Don't forget the Women's BB team. The semi-final game with Minny tips off at 3:30.

:oh: :io:
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IMO OSU beating Illinois today actually helps Illinois. IMO a loss will motivate that team for the tournament and bring them closer together. I hope they win it all as well but there is alot of pressure with the "38-0 tag" being placed on you by the media.

IMO we will play them tough win or lose. We played them tough at Champaign for 30 minutes. I hope we give them everything they want and more for 40 today. This would probably be one of the biggest upsets in OSU history...probably the biggest I have ever seen.

IMO ILLINOIS IS THE BEST OVERALL TEAM IN THE COUNTRY BUT THEY ARE VERY BEATABLE. They have been taken to the limit a few times this year and should have lost to Wisconsin. They are not machines they are young men. Nobody thought our football team would beat Miami in 2002 and nobody is giving us a shot today...I say circle the wagons and leave everything you have on the floor for one game and make history.
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