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If there's one thing my daughters will know before they're 17...


This space left intentionally blank
...it's not to accept a ride home from a "good Samaritan" wearing a hat that says 'Killer' and having a tattoo on his neck that reads 'CREEP'. :(

That's just a hard fast rule and they're going to have to learn to live with it!


The scenario:
The three met at a Davie bar Dec. 1. When the teen asked to go home, the men reportedly offered her a ride. But instead of taking her home, they drove her to a deserted church parking lot 20 miles from the bar and demanded sex.
And the warning signs:
  • She said the men drove a newer model black Mustang convertible with tan interior.
  • One man's name might be Darin, or Justin. He spoke with a southern accent and claimed to be from Louisiana.
  • The other suspect may be named Mike. He had multiple tattoos and the word "Creep" on his neck. He also may have been wearing a hat that said "Killer."
BuckeyeInTheBoro said:
If there's one thing my daughters will know before they're 17...

it's how many bumps are on my ceiling.

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure I can go to jail just for saying that

I jest, of course. If you have daughters, I'm sure they're wonderful. Just keep them away from 'Killer'
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