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I wonder how they answer their phone?


The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • HowDoTheyAnswerTheirPhone.jpg

    Harro, fuk mi prease?
    I think it's run by two brothers, and here's my take on how they came up with idea of the name:

    Bro #1: "We try open new restaurant. What kind you tink?"

    Bro #2: "Hory shit, whatchu tink? Oriental!"

    Bro #1: "OK, what kind food we serve?"

    Bro #2: "Jesus Chlist! Seafood of couse! Try tinking some mo!"

    Bro #1: "So solly. What name we use?"

    Bro #2: "Fuk mi! Do I have to tink of evelyting?"

    Bro #1: "OK, fuk mi it is!"
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