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I was not aware of this untill 2 minutes ago but this is not right


This no talent 16 year old ass clown is test driving this 21 year old piece of heaven on earth (BTW I have yet to see this kid in a flim/music video/anything but I know he's a brother of back street boy Nick Carter)



It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.
Oh. My. God. She is absolutely fantastic.

Is that Aaron Carter? He looks like a little fag. That chick has to be thinking either A) He'll spend a lot of money on me, or B) He can help me start my singing career. No way a piece of ass like that goes out with a pole-smoker like Aaron Carter for any other reason.
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Capo Regime
Staff member
wolfamngstsheep said:
This no talent 16 year old ass clown is test driving this 21 year old piece of heaven on earth
Imagine the uproar if it was a 21 yr old guy with a 16 yr old girl....

Anyway, as big of a chode-smoker he might be, I can't hate on him for having that. He'll be a turd when his pseudo-fame ends...let him enjoy his moment for now
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Cory Feldman still bangs hot chicks. I'm usually not a hater either but today I'm a hater, sipping on hater-aide, driving a hate-mobile, wearing a he-hate-me jersey, in Haiti because I saw that guy on celebrity justice once late night and he is as big of a tool as he looks.

Plus it would be one thing if he was 18 but no 16 year old should be allowed to handle something like that.
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HTTR Forever.
He aint hitting it. She's letting him believe he will but when its all said and done, she'll have a career in acting or modeling and he'll have blue balls and his brother's shadow still hanging over him. At least his brother is tagging a hot chick.
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