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I thought after 9/11, the American people weren't going to care about stupid...

Are the Hilton girls really that hot? Forget the fact they inherited a ton of money........they seem kind of bony and homily to me. Paris looks like a beanpole and a 2 dollar hooker in her famed sex video. I think she is kind of trashy myself.
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Holy shiza batman! I AGREE WITH EKEEN!!!! stupid ugly ass hoes with cash..

come ekeen, let us celebrate with a round as it may be the only time we are ever on the same side of an arguement not involving OSU lol
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gbearbuck said:
I don't find her attractive either... no clue what the big deal about her is...??
I never did see anything to like about her. Nor that dumbass "reality" show she and her friend were in. I wouldn't walk across the street to watch that crap. Guess it just goes to show you the power of money.
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