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True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence
No not me.

I traveled most of October, November and half of December.
When I got off the road I picked back up working out. They completely remodeled the club while I was away.
The last two weeks were nice but now the New Years Resolvers are there in full force.

We have 20 elliptical striders, 25 treadmills, 8 stairmasters and an assortment of rowers, bikes and climbers. Every one except two stairmasters were full today at lunchtime.

You can tell the members that are new and not going to last long.

The new shoes and outfit crowd, they are usually the first to go.
The I am going to go full blast from the first day crowd. They are usually sore and burnt out and drop out next.
Finally the I have not been in a gym in years crowd. Surprisingly some of these folks hang on.

It will thin out here by Mardi Gras which thankfully is early in February.

So have you made any resolutions?
Broken them yet?
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Our church has no bells.
Preparing for the GMAT and the spring (winter, actually) rugby season. Not sure which one will be worse. Probably the GMAT. I haven't seen a math problem since (well, I took the GRE to get into tOSU in '91) the last century.

I just joined GA State's new gym and the young, college girls are distracting, but they are keeping me motivated.
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True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence

I wish I could help you with the GMAT.
I took mine after being admitted so it did not matter. I traveled home from business with little prep on a Friday and took it Saturday. I never met a math problem I could not solve and finished the math part with time to spare. The room monitor asked me if I needed help. I think my score was just north of 700.

The person that initially ran our MBA program was from GA State.

I fully understand the motivation factor, before they remodeled the gym, the stairmaster faced TV's and the pool and the treadmills were right in front and below us. 30 minutes never went by so fast!

I expected that answer but I am with you. I am one of those 30-60-90 day goal type people so resolutions never enter my thought process save for the gym at this time of the year.
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Wolverine is largest member of weasel family
I haven't thought too much about a resolution, but I love the stories about how crowded the gyms get this time of year. I used to live in a small town with only one small gym. I basically avoided the place for the month of January because every machine was taken all day long.

I was on a stationary bike earlier this year at the local club. A guy, about 80 lbs. overweight, hopped on the one next to me and cranked up the speed. I thought to myself he is going to peter out in a matter of minutes or he is in deceptively good shape. All I could think about was the Lance Armstrong SI article a few years back saying the average college-aged male could only keep up Lance's pace for 45 seconds. Needless to say, the guy made it almost two minutes and I never saw him again.

This time of year it is more fun to watch the people than try and get in a workout. It also makes me glad I have a treadmill at home because the gym is too crowded.
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Herbie for President
Thanks guys, gave me a reason to stay out of the gym another month... :tongue2:

I was a burn-out last year kept it going for six weeks... the trainer was on me from the get go... she burned me out... I need to start back up, this time at my pace (imagine being overweight and thrust into an hour and a half on Mon/Wed/Fri and fourty min. of cardio on Tues/Thurs... how I lasted six weeks I don't know... that was six weeks without missing a single day...). I then found any reason not to go into the gym and finally stopped going...
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