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I just watched THE GAME for the 3rd time...


Be water my friend.
What a phenominal finish to a tough season! The announcers made the comment that this game points to a great season next year for Coach Tressel and our beloved Buckeyes.

As a teacher, I compare that game to working with a struggling student: That game was the "light coming on." That AHA moment that teachers love to hear from students. They finally get it.

The front four got pressure that they hadn't gotten to that point. The DBs were all in position. The scheme allowed the LBs to roam free (the coaches had an AHA moment as well on November 20).

The fact that the majority of the starters are back next season bodes very well for us Buckeye fans, and will be giving opposing coaches fits for the next 9 months.

Ginn, Holmes, Smith, Pittman, Haw (the X factor right now). Coach Tressel has been building towards this. What we saw in the UM game was a glimpse of the future offensively. On D all the linebackers are back and Ashton Youbouty looks like the next shut down corner at OSU. Darth Nader plugging the middle and Vern Gholston firing off the edge has me wishing my life away for next season already.

But on to San Antonio and a fitting send off for this senior class that has been through a lot. Great job Buckeyes. Another season to remember!!!
Great post, YSU.

I got a little bummed the other day realizing that the 2004 season is almost over. But then I remembered the same things your post pointed out so well. Next year looks mighty sweet.

Thanks to the Bowls, recruiting up to NLOI Day, the Spring game and August practice, OSU football is virtually a year-round sport for those of us who follow it closely. Your post brought a smile to my face, imagining how much fun next year's going to be.
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We'll see at the Alamo

It has been my experience that when OSU turns in an exceptional game, they raise the expectation level from that point forward. That expectation only ceases in the case of graduation. Now that OSU whooped up on UM, everyone expects big things for the bowl game and into 2005.

Yes, the UM game was, by far, OSU's best effort, best excution, best, etc, but even with the "AHA" it may still take a few games for the "offense" to really sink in.

My biggest takeaways from the UM game were the coaches haven't forgotten to coach after all, and that if Smith can hit some passes, our offense looks pretty dangerous. Also, the offense would look MIGHTY good with a top 10 RB. I still pine for the Germain days, but one step at a time.

BTW, Smith keeps getting better. Another year without injury and he could be really, really good. I think his upside potential, especially with the O-line not the nation's best is higher than Zwick's.

I do agree, the expectations for 2005 and 2006 are going to be mucho higher than 2004. Too bad the Texas game will be here before the students arrive. That would be one rowdy atmosphere.
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