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I've always liked them
I figure it's Michigan week, we need an I hate scUM thread.

I hate scUM for robbing the Buckeyes of a Final Four trip by the fradulent five. I hate scUM for having a bunch of bandwagon asshat fans. I hate scUM for the 1990's and finally I hate scUM for being scUM.
I hate this man...


:scum4: :scum4: :scum4:
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I hate scUM for having the stupidest helmets in the business

I hate scUM for being a leftwing bastion

I hate scUM for doing more to destroy college hoops than any other factor in the last 15 years

I hate scUM for producing a 1st round draft pick for the Bengals who has sat his ass on injured reserve all year

I hate scUM because they inspire Ohio kids to wear ugly clothes and become TRAITORS to their home state

Joke-What is the difference between Chris webber and the Unabomber?
A-The Unabomber graduated from scUM
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This should explain it:

<img src="http://kafi.kvcc.edu/kalamazoo/OrangeHand.jpg" border="0">
<img src="http://kafi.kvcc.edu/kalamazoo/kafilogo4.gif" border="0">
</pre> I think whatever this Kafi thing is happens to be from taht little target logo.
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I hate scUM because of their shitty uniforms and shitty stadium and shitty band. Those arogant pricks think each of those things are better than ours, and they are so fucking wrong I don't even know where to begin. I hate scUM so much that whenever I see somebody who dresses their kids in those piss and blue colors I want to go up to them and scream, "What is wrong with you?!? Child abuse is illegal in Ohio!" It takes a lot to hold me back from wanting to kick their ass. It's like when a bull sees something red...well when I see something with their crap colors...I want to charge. I know the Buckeyes feel the same way. It's a lot more fun hitting a guy wearing scUM colors than anybody else. You are gonna hit them A LOT harder.

I feel sorry for those fans of college football who do not get to experience this rivalry. You have not experience college football until you experience this game. I have never heard of somebody going to THE GAME, and not admiting that it was the most amazing sports experience of their life.

I can't wait to send those pricks straight to Orlando for New Years! Enjoy the Rose Bowl Wisconsin!!! Win and you are in!!!
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