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I can already hear the whining


Mirror Guy
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But we had to replace 3 of our coaches.

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td class="yspsctnhdln">Brown must replace three top assistants</td> </tr> <tr> <td height="7"><spacer type="block" height="1" width="1"></td> </tr> </tbody></table> By JIM VERTUNO, AP Sports Writer
January 11, 2005 AUSTIN (AP) -- Texas coach Mack Brown has had little time to enjoy the Longhorns' Rose Bowl win over Michigan.

Within two weeks of arguably the biggest win of his career, Brown has to rebuild his staff after three key assistants left for other jobs.

On Tuesday, it was co-defensive coordinator Greg Robinson taking the head coaching job at Syracuse. Assistant head coach and defensive ends coach Dick Tomey had already left to take over the program at San Jose State. Running backs coach and recruiting coordinator Mike Haywood is off to Notre Dame to become offensive coordinator.

<table align="left" border="0" cellpadding="1" hspace="10" vspace="5"> <tbody><tr> <td> <iframe bordercolor=\"#000000\" vspace=\"0\" hspace=\"0\" marginheight=\"0\" marginwidth=\"0\" src="http://ad.doubleclick.net/adi/N1823.health.yahoo.com/B1512814.2;sz=300x250;dcopt=rcl;click=http://us.ard.yahoo.com/SIG=12934vqqk/M=328189.5818699.6895603.1806201/D=sports/S=95862243:LREC/EXP=1105635797/A=2522005/R=0/*;ord=1105549397466329?" frameborder="0" height="250" scrolling="no" width="300">&lt;script&gt;&lt;/script&gt; &lt;NOSCRIPT&gt; &lt;A HREF=&quot;http://us.ard.yahoo.com/SIG=12934vqqk/M=328189.5818699.6895603.1806201/D=sports/S=95862243:LREC/EXP=1105635797/A=2522005/R=2/SIG=13l1192rd/*http://ad.doubleclick.net/jump/N1823.health.yahoo.com/B1512814.2;sz=300x250;abr=!ie4;abr=!ie5;ord=1105549397466329?"&gt; &lt;IMG SRC="http://ad.doubleclick.net/ad/N1823.health.yahoo.com/B1512814.2;sz=300x250;abr=!ie4;abr=!ie5;ord=1105549397466329?" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="250" BORDER="0"&gt;&lt;/A&gt; &lt;/NOSCRIPT&gt; </iframe>
</td> </tr> </tbody></table> That leaves Brown juggling a coaching search and recruiting before the Feb. 2 national signing day. He's already replaced Haywood with Georgia assistant Ken Rucker.

With the start of spring practice in late February, Brown said he's in no hurry to complete his defensive staff.

``That gives us some time to evaluate and make as good of a decision in hiring new coaches this year as we did last year,'' Brown said. ``We will take our time and be sure we make the right choices again.''

Last year, Brown hired Robinson and Tomey a week before signing day and both were credited with bringing a new attitude of mental and physical toughness to the defense. The Longhorns didn't give up a third-quarter touchdown through the first 11 games.

Haywood spent the past two seasons tutoring tailback Cedric Benson, who turned in the best two years of his career. Benson won the Doak Walker Award last season, rushing for 1,834 yards and 19 touchdowns.

But it's hardly a surprise that all three coaches left following an 11-1 season in which the Longhorns finished ranked fifth.

Robinson, who spent the previous 14 years in the NFL, came to Austin after being fired from his job as defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. He won two Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos and it only took one season in college to repair his reputation to the point he could snag a job as a head coach.

Tomey, a former head coach at Hawaii and Arizona, is 66. He wanted to end his career as a head coach and saw his chance with San Jose State. Haywood had been considered one of the country's top assistants and the coordinator's job at Notre Dame was an obvious next step.

``We're obviously hiring the right guys,'' Brown said.


My best friend went to Texas and he's already making the excuses. Their D is going to be questionable next year unless they bring in a Big name DC. Before Robinson, their D was good, but always seemed to give up the big plays. Jerry Gray of the Bills may fill their need. I believe he's a UT ex and a pretty good coach.
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Loves Buckeye History
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'16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner
tibor75 said:
Is anybody even going to watch "Tilt"? It looks even dumber than "3" if that is possible.
Tibs has no future in politics. He managed to offend both the poker and NASCAR folks in a one-line post.
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Woody wore Sambas
I thought that Tilt looks OK. I will give a shot at watching pretty much anything w/ Michael Madsen in it, he is one of my favorite actors.
To get to "3"'s level of awfulness you have to start watching Steve Gutenberg or newer Steven Seagal movies.............................
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