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I am not sure how to interpret this


I'd rather be napping!!
So, I am working late today because my wife asked me to stop by the kids school and drop off some stuff. This is not the point, but seems semi relavant to the story. I proceed.

She just called me sounded frustrated, kids yelling and stuff in the background. She asked me to stop and pick up some stuff on the way home, ciggs, and adult beverages.

My delima, there are two ways to interpret this.

1. She is being driven insane by "MY children" and therefore it is my fault that she is insane, at which point it will "suck to be me" until she downs a few of the "adult beverages".

2. She is being driven insane by our children and I am the knight in shining armor who has come to rescue her from this mad world. She then downs a few of the "adult beverages" and we get the kids in bed and I am the hero (and maybe even "git sum" :biggrin: ).

The consequence of #1 has me worried, I love my wife but gawddayum there sure is a nasty side. Then there is #2, and I donut think that I really need to go into detail about the frequency of sex post marriage with kids.

I have issues...

edit, allow me to add...

I "could" leave in 15 minutes
after you get the kids to bed go right to the bathroom and make her a bubble bath and have one of the adult beverages waiting for her next to the tub... then you will be assured it is number 2.

good luck.
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Spouses of both genders have used the term "your children" in times of frustration with the kids, so I don't think it's a big deal. And in your post, you didn't say if those were actually her words or just an implication.

As LoKy suggested, help take the load off her mind and let her relax and unwind. Maybe then she'll let you "get rid of your load" later. :biggrin:
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she's frustrated.. she needs a break.. she needs you to come home and completely take over the household.. be Mr Mom from the minute you hit the door.. meals, snacks, baths, bed, entertainment.. whatever...

it doesn't matter if you bring home the check... you can think that... and it's very true.. but you hang with the kids for a full day straight and see how bonkers it is... these are your children too...

there is more to this saying than just words -- no one laid on their deathbed saying "damn, I should have worked more".. but lots laid there saying "I wish I spent more time with my kids and my family"

LoKy's advice is superb...
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"My children" was my interpretation. I am not overly upset even if she "bitches" out. I have learned to deal, I am generally the one that is home first and takes the kids for a couple of hours after work until she gets home. Generally speaking though and in fairness to her I don't do it on the day after beggars night. :wink:

I figure I will bail outta here in the next few, obtain that of which she asks and arrive home to give her a break. The point does need to be made though that the only reason she is at home and I am at work is that she forgot to send the cookies for the kids party at school with them, causing my delay, and her to have to watch the kids. This reclarified just so I don't sound like a tool for leaving her hang.
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scooter1369 said:
You are married, therefore you are fucked. And I don't mean the good way.

This coming from the broke (vcash) one??

Marraige is not so bad, but you have to make sure it's the right one in the beginning and even then there will be times you doubt your decision. I just don't like starting my weekend on a bad note. :)
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but you hang with the kids for a full day straight and see how bonkers it is... these are your children too...

nj....i couldn't disagree with any thing i have ever read on here more than that tidbit...spending a day...or days on end with the most wonderful person (my son) this earth has ever seen....is cherished for every second by me.....laundry can wait, the grass can wait...because i can eat pizza, hot dogs and play on the play ground.....

i have never...and will never once bitch about having to "deal" with my son.....

frankly.....there are way too many parents who dont have their priorities right when it comes to their kids.....and that pisses me off....

i hope gregory's wife means that she just had a bad day and can't wait to spend some quiet time with him tonite.....that is perfectly acceptable....

Gregory....if you are still here....I would not only pick up what she asked, but pick up something you know she likes....fuck, buy her a people magazine to read in the tub or something like that....just a thought gift.....

edit: after re-reading this post i want to make sure that i am not getting on nj at all....but it could be thought that way...it was actually my ex-wife who used to say that almost exact phrase.....
my son still drives her crazy and never once has with me.....its all in the attitude you present to your child....if you act like you want nothing to do with them, they will act up....if you show that there is nothing more important than being with them, they will listen and actually help with stuff.....
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not disagreeing DiHard.. I adore my kids... and I have three.. but there were times when I just max'ed out.. I can handle it for hours at a time... but if it was every hour of every day... I just don't have the patience level... and I was ecstatic that Mom would come to the rescue...

obviously got much easier the older they got... but even now, there's times when my 13 yr old can max me out... and I am a very participative father... very...
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GL- First woman can endure much more pain than men but in the same breath it seems to me they seem to need to blow off steam a little more ! So as far as the kids and her getting frustrated it seems (well with my wife anyway) sometimes they are just looking for our help. Compare how many times the kids call for MOM as compared to DAD! On the other side sometimes it is better just to leave them be.

As for the sex after kids thing!
1. My wife works pt.
2. She wanted a new home she has it!
3. I help out alot at home ie. laundry,sweeping ,dishes everything expecially. when she is at work and I am at home.

There are advantages to that senario that are well worth it..

DIEHARD- Is so right about priorites and he sounds like a great Dad! I have 3 sons and I go to lunch with them at school every week or so and today they had the day off so I arranged my schedule so I could as well and we went bowling together. My twins are 10 and I get hugs evryday!
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My twins are 10 and I get hugs evryday!

you get it my man....you get it....

i love it on weekend mornings when my son wakes me up by climbing into bed to watch cartoons and he always says..."i love you daddy"......that makes my week....

also...am i the only adult that finds spongebob to be the funniest show ever....it kills me...no matter how many times i have seen it....
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ok guys, I made it. The kids are winding down and she seems to be as well (maybe all the candy is wearing off). I figure I will start the water here in a little while. Maybe whene we are done I could talk her into a game of pool (I break and she pockets my balls :biggrin:). Seriously that is one of her passions. Thanks for all the advice everyone, the evening movie is about to start and I am on popcorn duty. Catch ya later.
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