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I Am All That Is Man!!!

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Notre Dame - This makes kid #2

Nola - As far as employment is concerned, everything is going along swimmingly. I returned to my old job while I conduct my job search. But since you and everyone helped me with my resume I'm getting jerked around by much higher class companies than I used to :wink: . Seriously though I've gotten a couple offers, I'm just trying to sort things out and figure out exactly which direction I'm going to go in.

To all the other smartasses - I'm the ONLY professor for this course, I don't need no stinking teachers aids. As best as we can figure it happened either after the Marshal game or after a Woody Hayes documentary on PBS the following Sunday. My boys are strong. Since our first unexpected blessing we've been using 2 forms of birth control. So I figure it's either a tailback or a linebacker, I'm a little partial to linebacker.
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