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BuckeyePlanet Links

Hey Coach/Clarity, I hope I didn't overstep my bounds but I gave this web site address to the folks at Husker Journal. They have one page that lists all the college team links ... Buckeye Planet is now one of them.

Husker Journal Home

Husker Journal Links Page
TO: [email protected]

I know of a new board that is just getting under way but looks to be a very promising site. Check it out and please post it on your list.


Thank-3yards (Signature changed to protect ... well, me)


Just added it to the list. If you see anyother boards that I don't have, please let me know.

Also, please post my link on Buckeyeplanet.


Hopefully this is a good thing ... If not let me know and I will contact them to take BuckeyePlanet off their list.

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Good to hear Coach. I know of a few other sites that list college boards ... I'll post the BuckeyePlanet info. there as well. When I do I'll update this thread so you'll know where BP is listed.

BTW is your Coach moniker listed as "invisible"? I don't know if you've just been quick about getting on and off the board, or if you're here and I can't see that you're here. I know I've been seeing the Clarity moniker. Hope things are well.

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BuckeyePlanet is now listed here:

American College Football - LISTED!
Rec.Sport.College.Football. (RSCF)

Main Page:
American College Football (RSCF) Main

Links Page:
American College Football (RSCF) Links

Netscape 4.8 does not display your homepage.

I've added a link to your site from:
David L. Wilson Waisman 239, 263-5899 Tue., Wed. PM, Thu.
Home: 608/233-7211 CAE 192, 265-3879 Mon., Wed. AM, Fri.
World-Wide Web: http://www.cae.wisc.edu/~dwilson/homepage.shtml
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